Pierre's story #Praise33

Every week we share a story from a member of Calvary Church that talks about faith and blessings. This week, Pierre shares his story about God’s favour in the workplace.

1.5 million dollars? I thought, "Are you kidding me Jesus? We will need miracles!” And that's exactly what happened.

My wife and I prayed seriously about what God wanted us to sacrifice. The amount was large, and not something we had lying around. So we decided to use some of our retirement savings, believing God would replace it eventually.

Not only did He replace it, He multiplied it. Due to a few investments that did well, not only did we have enough to pay our commitment, we had enough to replace the retirement funds, and more!

But wait, there's more. I found out my company matches half of the donations I make to any registered charity organization, including my church. This helped us meet the amount God placed on my heart to give. We didn’t know where it would come from, but God worked it out.

Many other blessings happened during the B2G campaign that I praise God for:

  • God's favour over me in my workplace.

  • The addition of another grand-baby.

  • My daughter-in-law giving her life to Christ and being baptized in Jesus name.

  • VICTORY over cancer. (I know this is post B2G, but it needs to be mentioned).

Thank you Jesus. We are always amazed by YOU.