Monica's story

I had been terribly and inexplicably sick for two months- dizziness, vomiting, headaches. Recently, on a Sunday morning, I was downstairs helping with children’s church and we were getting ready to pray. I asked the children to pray about my illness. Although no one was physically near me, I felt a warmth, and the feeling of a finger touching my chest. I told the children that I believed with all my heart that if they prayed for me, I would be healed.

The children put their hands on me to pray and I dropped to the floor. Some of the other teachers explained to the children that I was all right and that God was doing His work. The kids came right down next to me and kept right on praying.

On Monday morning when I got up, every symptom was gone. God had miraculously healed me.

But that’s not all God wanted to do. That week, I went for my regularly scheduled six-month eye appointment. For the past five years, I have had to put drops in both eyes every day for glaucoma. The drops are not only a trial to put in, but cost $62.50 a bottle as well.

After my test, the doctor was looking over my results and smiling. He told me he wanted to test me again. After the second test, he was smiling even more. He told me the glaucoma was completely gone. I wouldn’t need the eye drops any more. He also told me I would be getting lazer eye surgery at no cost to me so he could clean up my eyes entirely. He advised me to see the receptionist for an appointment, as the wait list is usually months long. I got an appointment for two weeks later.

When I was looking for healing, I wasn’t even thinking about my eyes. God took care of everything beyond what I even asked or thought of. I trust Him in all things. #Perfect trust.